Get a good night’s sleep with our snoring control treatment

Do you snore? Does your partner snore? Wouldn’t you just love a good night’s sleep? Well, sweet dreams can be possible with a simple dental device from Wimpole Street Dental, near Harley street in London W1

Heavy snoring can be a nightmare – a waking nightmare! Whether the snorer is you or your partner, it usually means lack of sleep for one, or both, of you. There’s nothing good about not getting a good night’s sleep – it’s everything from mildly annoying through to downright dangerous. Not enough sleep can cause excessive tiredness and poor concentration, which can impact on your work life, your home life and, if you drive or operate machinery, can have serious consequences.

How I stopped my patient snoring

Snoring can cause big problems. It can prevent you from sleeping properly, wake you or your partner up at night and even cause marriages to break up.

I know plenty of couples who site snoring as their main reason for lack of good sleep at night.

Responses can range from a quick elbow in the ribs to sleeping in completely separate rooms.