Dr Richard Marques explains how to achieve a rejuvenated look

Non-surgical combination technique for treating the perioral area

Dr Richard Marques explains his approach to rejuvenating the perioral area using a four-stage process

There are many different types of treatments that can be used on the perioral area to reduce fine lines and achieve a rejuvenated look. This article describes a multi-step process using four stages consisting of: a TCA chemical peel, microneedling, botulinum toxin and dermal filler, which aims to give a refreshed and youthful appearance to the lips and perioral area.

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Dr Richard Marques featured in the Daily Mail

“I went to see Dr Richard Marques at Wimpole Street Dental and have never looked back”

£50,000 for a smile: These women are far from rich yet they spent tens of thousands to get perfect teeth. Crazy? They swear it transformed their lives

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6 Ways To Get Whiter Teeth

Get The Right Five A Day

Fruit sugars mean tucking into a bowlful can cause problems. But pick the right salad and you can keep your teeth gleaming. Strawberries and apples both contain malic acid, which is a natural tooth cleanser, says dentist Dr Richard Marques, of Wimpole Street Dental.

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